Community-driven image polling app that solves
fashion, beauty, and design dilemmas in real time

Quick and easy

Just upload two images and let the votes roll in! No more clunky surveys with long text

Instant results

Get real-time feedback on what the community thinks

Unbiased feedback

Votes are anonymous while voters are all pre-validated for fraud detection


Perfect for reaching the Gen Z and millennial audience

Instant gratification

Simply double-tap on your preferred option and see immediately how your vote makes a difference


Anyone with an account can create polls, see results, and vote on other polls at zero cost

What you can do with FitPick

Special occasion coming up?

On a big day, the last thing you want to worry about is not looking your best. So turn to the FitPick community to decide on the outfit, accessories, and makeup in advance!

Tip: You can customize your poll duration so that it closes right before your big day.

Fancy working in fashion?

Prove your style chops by voting on polls and helping people dress in the most flattering way.

Tip: If you have suggestions for how someone can improve their outfit, leave a comment on their post!

Can't decide what to buy?

While online shopping, you fell in love with two tops but only have enough money to buy one. Let the FitPick community vote on the better option so you have zero buyer’s remorse.

Tip: If you don’t want to show yourself in your poll, you can grab the clothing 

Need to pick a good
LinkedIn headshot?

Let the FitPick community tell you which headshot will make a better first impression on job recruiters and future coworkers.

Tip: Works for other platforms like Tinder too ;) 

A small business doing customer research?

But don’t have the resources of big companies? Use FitPick to test your designs on the public and see what Gen Zs and millennials prefer. 

Tip: A poll is the best way to do A/B testing, especially since you can get results immediately 

Fear being stuck with
ugly furniture?

Before you buy your house decor, test out your options on FitPick so you'll end up with the nicer design. The right furniture can really brighten up your living space.

Tip: Besides fashion and beauty, your furniture shopping can definitely benefit from FitPick too!

Contact the Team

We are always hoping to make the app more helpful for users like yourself. If you notice any bugs or have feedback on what we can do better, please feel free to email us at

If you’d like to partner with FitPick, shoot over a message to The FitPick team has years of experience in the tech and fashion industries, including at the world’s top fashion magazines.

We respond to all emails within 24 hours. 😊